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  • Leonardo Yvens

    Leonardo Yvens

  • Brandon Ramirez

    Brandon Ramirez

    Research Lead & Co-Founder @graphprotocol, a query protocol for the decentralized web. Solving problems through tech, systems thinking and incentive design.

  • Shedrack Akintayo

    Shedrack Akintayo

    Developer Advocate at Cloud Foundry Foundation

  • Hasitha Kaushan

    Hasitha Kaushan

    I am an Electrical Engineering undergraduate at University of Moratuwa. My passion is towards the Cloud Computing and IoT.

  • Asanka Nissanka

    Asanka Nissanka

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect. More details https://www.linkedin.com/in/asankanissanka/

  • Adam Cyber

    Adam Cyber

    Software engineer.

  • Kevin Mun

    Kevin Mun

    I am always learning AWS, Flutter, Angular, Nodejs, Python. Full-time developer, husband, father, son, reader, and coffee drinker.

  • Janitha Tennakoon

    Janitha Tennakoon

    Associate Tech Lead | AWS Community Builder from Sri Lanka currently working in Singapore.

  • Jaune Carlo Sarmiento

    Jaune Carlo Sarmiento

    Builds web and mobile applications on JavaScript, React, and React Native. Has an itch for better UX.

  • Samuel Goodwin

    Samuel Goodwin

    Programmer. I’m obsessed with modeling AWS infrastructure with type-safe and generic programming. (link: https://github.com/sam-goodwin/punchcard)

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