How to Get Into Ethereum | Crypto | Web3 as a Developer

Nader Dabit
9 min readMay 12, 2021


I have been talking about my move into the Web3 / Ethereum / crypto space since making the switch from a traditional web, mobile, and cloud background.

Since making the move, the number of people that have reached out to me who are also thinking about doing the same has been pretty shocking. It’s really great to see so many other people interested and if I’m being honest — it feels validating to know that so many others are also on the fence and so deeply interested in the space as well.

As for me, well I was nervous about making the career switch. Moving into a completely new area of specialization, with a technology I was still getting ramped up on, and a community I was not yet involved with, was a big leap compared to a very comfortable role with a FAANG company that paid really well (and a team that I really loved).

After over a month I can say that I not only have zero regrets with the change, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time and am excited and energized with the things I have the opportunity to work on everyday.

I decided to write this post to give a blueprint for anyone looking to get into blockchain, crypto, Ethereum, and Web3 from a traditional development background. I can point people to this blog post the next time I get asked how to get into the space.

This post will be a living digital garden that will evolve with feedback from others, recommendations, and my own personal growth, exploration, and evolution.

This post will be broken up into a few main parts.

  1. Technologies and resources to learn
  2. Tradeoffs and considerations
  3. People to follow
  4. Companies hiring and doing interesting stuff
  5. General tips and landing a job

Technologies and resources



Nader Dabit

Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node working with The Graph Protocol